The weekend dress, I mean.  But 24 hours from now I will have both the dress AND some glorious down time and that can’t be a bad thing.

SO here’s my shameful little secret:  I’ve lost my style mojo.  I don’t know where it is.  My body has changed again and all my old trusty pieces are no longer trustworthy.  They’re just old.

The girls at Capsule Australia are onto something with their stylist curated wonder wardrobe of essential pieces.  I am hopelessly in love with the idea of a perfectly simple, stylish wardrobe.  I want basic pieces that go the distance and match back with everything else.  I don’t have time to think about clothes.  I’m lucky if they’re clean these days…..

Road testing this little wonder-dress has been interesting because it’s not my standard ‘nursing mother’ wear, nor is it my go-to casual wardrobe wear BUT it really grew on me.  Perhaps it was the super soft, stretchy fabric, or maybe the way the dress skimmed my shape instead of clinging unkindly.  The drape is nice.  Weighty.  There wasn’t an itchy tag at the neckline and as you can tell from my little photo-shoot, it really is a flexible piece.  I paired it back with leggings, boots and a jacket for a winter look, used accessories for casual style, an obi belt to cinch it in and define my shape and a leather jacket for a more urban look.  One dress, many options.

hello weekend ainz

I’m now eyeing off a few other pieces from Capsule Australia, including the classic black dress and pointe pants.  I really want the pants….

If you are in a style frump, if you want to simplify your wardrobe, if you just want to wake up and know that you can pull an outfit together in 25 seconds then Capsule Australia is your solution.  It’s a great concept with fab pieces and exceptional customer service.

We are lucky enough to be giving away 3 ‘Hello Weekend’ dresses, so enter via the widget below!  Enter here and welcome Hello Weekend into your wardrobe!



Author: Ainslie

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  1. My favorite wardrobe pieces right now are simple shirts that wash well. With my toddler(and excess baby weight I’m working hard to get off) I need easy stuff that is comfortable. Some day I’ll find my style again :)

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