Pregnant does NOT equal style lobotomy.

Six months into pregnancy with my second child and once again I was in such a pickle (not to mention eating them). I had NOTHING to wear. Every ‘maternity’ item I owned was hideous and with hormones raging, the only logical solution seemed to set fire to my wardrobe and burn those maternity ‘clothes’ to ashes.  Ok, I did say with hormones raging….

Sure, there were a few pieces in the stores that looked ok, but they were grossly overpriced and I had a very hard time justifying spending that much money on a pair of shorts that had an inbuilt tummy belt.  I used to spend money on fashion to look fabulous and now I was spending simply so I wasn’t nude in public.  I didn’t get a style lobotomy when I got pregnant so why should I have to settle for expensive, ugly pieces that didn’t make me feel good? Screw it.  I needed a different solution.

I don’t want clothes that scream “HEY! I’M INCUBATING A NEW HUMAN!”  I want fabulous pieces that are ‘maternity friendly’. That means no annoying inbuilt belts, or thick hard straps in sight, and forget those tent dresses that make EVERYONE look ten months pregnant no matter what.

Expectations are so low for maternity clothes that we think anything the right size or a little different with a pattern or sold in a ’boutique store’ is suddenly ‘perfect’ or ‘cute’.

Nope.  Oversized tent-dresses are not flattering.  Hideous details are hideous and also not flattering.  Just. No.

Every time I saw a gorgeous pregnant celebrity draped stylishly across the cover of a magazine, I’d think, yeah, that’s nice. Now where do I buy THAT dress?

Feeling frumpy or feeling as though you don’t ‘fit’ in your own skin does you NO FAVOURS when you are pregnant.  It’s an emotional time.  It’s such a blessing to carry a child, no doubt, but with all the emotional stuff swirling in your brain plus the aches and pains, it would be nice to be able to at least fake it with a fabulous wardrobe.

So I came up with a solution, and here’s my little secret: Less is more

The pieces from Capsule Collection Australia have saved my wardrobe (and sanity) over the last couple months. They are classic styles you can wear during pregnancy and they won’t stop working for you the day you deliver;  they’ll keep on trucking for the months following while you get confident with your post-baby shape in comfort AND style.

Enter the giveaway to win one of your very own ‘Hello Weekend’ dresses.


Hello Weekend Giveaway!

Author: Ainslie

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  1. Jeans are my favourite item of clothing. It holds everything in place.

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  2. My favourite item in my current wardrobe is a Mesop dress, which is blue and stretchy with a neckline that makes breastfeeding simple and discreet. It’s something I would happily have worn before I had my daughter and I feel comfortable and confident in it.

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  3. Swing sweater tunic and scarf

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  4. My favourite item at the moment is my maternity jeans – so comfortable and they go with everything!

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  5. I love girlishly elegant shirts. Looks good, easy to unbotten and to breastfeed and they hide my belly which stayed woth me after givin birty to my sunshine.

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  6. I totally understand what you’re writing. When I was pregnant with my babyboy I removed the words ‘stylish’ and ‘classy’ from my vocabulary.
    In addition I haven’t been a size 0 before and my pregnancy didn’t change that thing of matter ;) So it was really, really difficult for me to find clothes that fit me and made me feel comfortable…
    So thank you, thank you, thank you for that post and that hint to Capsule Australia.

    Greets from Austria,

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  7. My favourite item in my wardrobe is a red dress that I wear to work, mainly because it’s the only item in my wardrobe I ever get complimented on! But in all honesty, I wear my ripped denim boyfriend shorts about four-times as often. They’re my go-to wardrobe staple (5 years on, they’re still going strong! Lol)

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  8. My favorite item in my current wardrobe are my 2 nursing tanks. They’re comfortable enough for daily wear, but can still be layered under other things when the weather is colder. Easy of nursing access is the defining characteristic for most of my clothes these days.

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  9. I like the idea of simple dressing.

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  10. I would have to say my favorite item in my wardrobe right now is my black (fleece lined, at the moment) leggings. I wear them with just a longer sweater or with a skirt or basically with anything.

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  11. I love my denim pencil skirt the most because you can dress it up or down so easily!

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