Cookie dough style biscuits for winners

This is another miraculous recipe from Quirky Cooking.  I told you Jo was amazing…

You can make these by hand or in the thermomix and store in the freezer for quite some time.  I prepped these the week before the party and simply pulled them out at the last minute.

My only substitute here was not adding the coconut sugar.  I used the prescribed quantity of rice malt syrup and then nothing else.  The quinoa flakes are fabulous in this recipe and when you ‘bake’ something that’s GF SF and DF and it tastes THIS GOOD….well, we can all be winners with this one <3

Here’s the ingredient list I used, and click here for the method.

250g rice malt syrup

30g organic cacao powder

120g coconut oil

130g rice milk

1tsp vanilla extract

250g quinoa flakes.


Let me know how you go!


No Bake bikkies on the right,  lemon balls made up as a slice on the left.

no bake choc and lemon slice


Author: Ainslie

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