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I have struggled this year.  I have struggled to get up in the morning, I’ve struggled to fall asleep at night.  I’ve struggled to stay awake between 12 noon and 3pm.  I’ve struggled to eat well, find clean clothes.  At the centre of this issue is this:  I was very sick during January and with 3 kids – one being very tiny – I’ve struggled to recover.

I have struggled to fuel my body and fill the tank with essential nutrients.  My holistic GP took a look at my eyes, skin, hair and nails prior to doing more thorough testing and told me that I was in nutritional distress.  Every single shred of nutrition that goes into my body gets taken straight out again in breastmilk.  That’s normal.  It’s supposed to happen that way, of course.  But when MUM isn’t being nurtured, rested, supported, healed…….it all goes to crap.

Since January I’ve been on extremely restricted diets for silent reflux.  No citrus, no tomato, nothing acidic, no chocolate, coffee, onions, carbonated drinks (I reaaaally like unflavoured mineral water).  Very plain vegetables, extremely restricted fruits.  A handful of protein pump inhibitors to try and fix the acid problem.

And all of this was simply making the problem worse.  I was not able to heal with such a limited diet.  My body was, well, struggling.  I was deficient in iron, B6, B12 and zinc.  That’s basically all the critical elements for a healthy body.  I was toast. (Don’t get me started on how much I MISS toast…)

My struggle has forced me to evaluate every single item that passes my lips. I know clearly that if I don’t nourish my body with the best quality, nutrient dense food I will not recover.  I know that if I slip up and consume dairy, wheat or sugar my body will scream in protest and I will feel horrific.

There is no magic bullet to healthy eating.  I don’t believe one single diet plan or fad lifestyle fixes everyone’s problems. I do believe that we can get back in control by looking after gut health. Avoid foods like wheat and refined sugars that promote inflammation. Eat whole foods.  No more packets (I know how terrifying that sounds!) simple, clean, WHOLE foods.

If you are tired, and let’s be honest, who knows a mum who isn’t, then look at your diet.  Make small, achievable steps towards change.  Look for substitutions rather than simply excluding items.  Cut the pre packed cereal, quit the white bread.  And sugar.  Get as far away from refined sugar as you possibly can.  It’s like crack for your brain.  It will hurt to begin with, but you can get off it.

So tell me.  Whatcha gonna do for YOU?

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Author: Ainslie

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