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I hate my skin.

No, really. Freckles, dry bits, oily bits, flaky bits, monthly breakouts… And hitting thirty didn’t help. I think every few months  since age fifteen or so I’ve bought a new cleanser, a new toner, a new SYSTEM that promises to “balance and renew”… And then when it fails dismally (yet again) I’ve just bought the next shiny thing.

I recently surrendered to my crunchy flirtation with coconut oil and accepted that I would never use the hundred half-empty tubes in my bathroom cabinet. I filled a garbage bag and once again can find other necessities (like deodorant and mascara) without being buried in an avalanche of crusty bottles and miracle potions.

So, I merrily scrubbed with coconut oil and salt, cleansed, a little more oil for good measure, and all was ok. Until the dry weather hit. Zero humidity + breastfeeding = desert skin. And then I got a Baimeni sample. It promised to lock the moisture IN. Ok. Whatever.

Holy hydration, Baimeni. I didn’t change a thing about my “skincare regime” (HA!) except slap some serum on before bed. Premenstrual acne still came, but it went a LOT faster. I certainly haven’t had any more sleep, but I don’t have large sunken valleys below my eyes. Even my frowny line (you know, the vertical humdinger right between the eyebrows?) is easing off. Why? Simply put, this stuff helps to seal the moisture in. Brilliant in a harsh climate, awesome in airconditioned environments, and generally just a bit of help for faces that are feeling the strain. I like that I’m paying for a product, not fancy packaging or glossy marketing, but stuff that does what it says it will.

Get your Baimeni Eye & Face Serum with hyaluronic acid 15ml

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Author: Chelsea

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