EC – How did we begin?

I knew we were going to use cloth. MCN (Modern Cloth Nappies) allllll the way. There is nothing cuter than a minky MCN, and given that this was baby no.1 being expected, I had time to lie on the couch and read about pockets, PUL, liners and wash routines. One of the BEST things I read was to use disposables in the early weeks – meconium and cluster feeding coupled with new-parent-exhastion and round the clock feeding aren’t really conducive to mach more than staying alive. Anyway…
Home-made all-in ones. Pretty, but took WAY too long to dry.
WAHM newborn size with minky outer and snaps. REALLY cute, but… newborn.
Sunbaby OSFM (One size fits most) with charcoal/microfibre inserts. Great option, if you don’t mind stuffing diapers and having a degree in how to do up the snaps to ensure a good fit.
Peapods with bamboo inserts… lovely, but time-consuming.
Bamboo, microfibre, terry flats, soakers… OSFM, fitters, gussets, stuffing and folding and snapping… and somewhere in some remote corner of the universe I fell across the term EC (elimination  communication). Some people did it part time, some people did it full time. The consensus seemed that MCN was more EC friendly than disposables – easier to chip off in a hurry, baby can feel that they’re wet, etcetera and so forth.
Then, fossicking through the baby corer of an op shop in search of onesies, I fell across a potty. Not just any potty. THE Baby Bjorn potty with an actual BACK on it and a lift-out bowl. It was a sign. (I’m not saying the heavens parted, but I bought the thing for the princely price of $4 and tucked it away, thinking “Well, I guess we could always give it a try…”) I wasn’t sure if I was completely mad or if the whole “Baby will TELL you when they need to go” actually had some merit.
Small and her potty - 6mo
Turns out the idea DID have merit. It was even kind of fun.
In the meantime, I had a GREAT time buying a selection of cloth nappies – ebay, a few sales, some mcn Facebook groups – and some clever things, like splitting an order of Sunbaby cheapie pocket OSFM and a HEAP of bamboo liners with a friend direct from There are a LOT of ways to trial cloth at not much cost if you know where to look ;)
… and then she was born. And everything went out the window.

Author: Chelsea

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