Danish, sleek and geek chic

With a business motto of ‘movement and balance’, you know that Danish designed, Flensted mobiles aren’t going to disappoint.

I’ve been coveting this phenomenally beautiful masterpiece for some time and the Niels Bohr atomic mobile is absolute perfection.

If you’re a little rusty on your atomic structure and quantum theory, here’s a quick run down.  This mobile has a story to tell:

Niels Bohr was a Danish Physicist who in 1913 developed the revolutionary model of the atom where negatively charged electrons travel in separate orbits around a small, positively charged nucleus.  He was awarded a Nobel Prize for his contributions in 1922 and his discovery of course completely revolutionised the way we view energy and matter.
The Niels Bohr mobile has been designed in co operation with the Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen, to celebrate the 100 years of the revolutionary Niels Bohr Atom Model.

With such a legacy, this mobile really has some shoes to fill and it does so beautifully. I love the delicate atomic rings and the perfectly proportioned atoms.  Their movement around the nucleus is balletic in gentle wind, and the contrast between silver and gold is soothing.  I didn’t anticipate the delicate shadow play on the walls behind and all of my children have sat quietly observing the movement of this beauty through constantly moving shadows.

Meditative and restful.

These mobiles aren’t necessarily for children, although ‘Atomic’ is currently suspended above my little one’s cot.  It is an art piece suitable for any beautiful room in your home and deserves to be on display where it will be enjoyed by many.

We are partnering with Flensted to give away one of these stunning Niels Bohr Mobiles.  Get involved by following the link below……

Niels Bohr Atomic Mobile GIVEAWAY!

Author: Ainslie

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