More and more frequently I find myself with a bag full of snacks for the small one. And given that she’s a dairy-soy-wheat intolerant person, the prepackaged kind don’t really work out so well here – not to mention that snack size everything is EXPENSIVE! So I end up with a bag full of small tupperware-y containers. I leave them in the car, I leave them around half-full (mould, anyone? No?), I can’t find anything else in my bag because it’s buried under a small mountain of the damn things.


Thank goodness I found Yumbox. If you don’t know about this already, it’s a game changer. This bento-style lunchbox has a rubber-sealed lid so (as shown) your strawberries don’t leak all over the popcorn. Your bananas don’t die the death of a thousand bruises from a handful of almonds. And it’s ONE small, flat box to stuff in my bag. Dear deity yes.

For those of us still wearing our L-plates as master nutritionists (this mothering gig, tell you what) the lift-out bento tray even suggests what to put in each compartment. It’s like nutritionally-balanced lunch by numbers.


I’m a big fan of the grazing and choice that this offers. Food is much more likely to be eaten when there’s a few options available simultaneously, and the ease of washing (pop the plastic tray out, wash the whole shebang, reassemble) is easy and common-sense. I’m about ready to commit and purchase a Yumbox Panino (four larger compartments) for myself.


Author: Chelsea

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  1. Awesome! I love bento boxes and adore funky lunch boxes of all kinds. There are brilliant!

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