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Mamasphere has teamed up with Australian charitable endeavor Sanitary for Sisters, working on supplying monthly solutions to women living on the streets, in shelters, and needing a little extra care to help them get through day to day. Disposal of female hygiene products can be a major issue for women living in stressed circumstances, as is the ongoing expense of dealing with menstruation (if you don’t believe me, tally up what you use every month and then go and buy a year’s supply. It’s not cheap.)

To help Sanitary for Sisters offer a range of solutions to women in need, we’d like to subsidize our menstrual cups; for $13.50 (that’s the cost of a few takeaway coffees!) YOU can supply a sister with a medical-grade silicon menstrual cup (with a lifespan of up to ten years).

The cup you purchase will go directly to Sanitary for Sisters. They will then distribute cups along with the pads/tampons/sponges/liners collected at their dropoff points. in short: save a sister some stress: buy her a cup!


1 x “donation cup” $13.50


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