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So you kind of know me by now. I have one child. I’m a baby wearing advocate. I run a suzuki violin studio, I blog, crochet, teach, and generally nerd out about my passion-of-the-minute. Pre-child, I used to dance a LOT. Like ballet or swing or out social dancing every night of the week. This meant I had a groove. Jeans for day/teaching, ballet clothes/swing stuff for the evening. Then Small came along, and suddenly most of my clothes were off limits, because let’s face it, swanning around the house in a vintage 50s style dress or wiggle skirt is… not what you do with a reflux baby. Away went the heels and thus began the grind of clothes that could quickly morph from breastfeeding mama to presentable educator. Now, emerging from the baby days, I’m being called to perform a bit more in daily life. Interact with adults who form complete, coherent sentences. God forbid, I have to display LEADERSHIP qualities and be a role model in a public forum rather than the confines of my home.

At the same time, there’s the possibility of a second child lurking. I’m not ready to invest serious money in serious clothes that may well be shoved out of sight as soon as the next baby bump protrudes. What to do… Googling brought me here.

Capsule Collection is the  brainchild of two high school friends from Sydney—Laura, a mother of one with another one coming, and Siena, who is too busy at her job in IT to scratch herself, let alone spend a day at the shopping centre.

Understanding how even dressing oneself can get pushed to the edges, they wanted to create a simple solution for us mamas in need of style – without a lot of time.

Their Capsule range is hand-selected by stylists who understand easy, everyday style and want women to look and feel fabulous, so hemlines are always flattering, EVERYTHING is machine washable (don’t dare to tell me you have time to hand wash or, better yet DRY CLEAN!) and many of their pieces are maternity friendly, so those of us umming and ahhing about  baby No. Next or accommodating a current bump can spend a little and get a lot.

What will you find over at Capsule Collection? Essentials. The kind of stuff that never goes out of fashion (think the perfect little black dress) as well as a weekly ‘stylist’s choice’ outfit for the impulse fix or victory splurge. If you want to stay in touch with current trends without any pressure, subscribe to Stylist’s Choice emails.

Added bonus: your purchase is delivered to your door, beautifully gift-wrapped, regardless of whether you’ve even had a shower. Keep your eyes open; we’ll have a SWEET starter to your capsule collection coming very soon!

Author: Chelsea

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  1. My favourite pieces in my wardrobe this season are the soft flowing tunics that I bought. Perfect for any weather. Use with leggings for cooler days and a tee underneath. For hotter weather the tunic is great on its own with some 3/4 length trousers. Great for winter too worn with longer top underneath and full length leggings. Very versatile, hides any bumps and adds a styled look to your outfit.

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  2. Probably my skinny grey jeans

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  3. My favourite wardrobe piece are my ballet flats. Can’t do without them even if they are a bit plain Jane.

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  4. Honestly it’s whatever is warm and still fits me, as I have still not lost pregnancy weight and trying hard.

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