Green banana pancakes? Go on……

I recently visited my Dad who lives on a beautiful little island in the south pacific and there were a few days of torrential rain.  We cooked to pass the time and here is a little treat for you made from GREEN BANANAS!

As the tropical storm buffeted our house again, we reached for the local cookbook and sought inspiration. This little island is a place of feast or famine-all the locally grown produce is of course in season at the same time, and freight makes imported produce expensive and nowhere near as fresh or tasty.
This years drought has confused a lot of the seasonal fruit and dads yard is full of unripened sugar bananas and paw paw, while the stone fruit and mulberries didn’t even bother coming on.
So what to do? Make green banana pancakes of course!

Peel and grate 6 well formed, green bananas.
Mix in a teaspoon of bicarb soda and half a teaspoon of salt.
Spoon mixture into a frypan and cook until golden.
The green bananas are quite ‘floury’ when grated, so these little babies hold together quite well.
We topped them with honey, but you can also use them as an accompaniment to savoury dishes.
They were a fast and easy little treat that also ticks the low allergy boxes (GF, DF, SF) and not a sore stomach in the house.

There’s a green banana dumpling recipe that I might try as well, however nobody in our house is brave enough to try the hi-hi (periwinkle) pie!!
green bananas

Author: Ainslie

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