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International baby week. A whole week dedicated to all things babywearing.

I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on my babywearing journey lately and if I am honest, I wouldn’t have been able to babywear if it weren’t for some very special people, and YouTube (WE LOVE YA YOUTUBE). I started off babywearing with a baby Bjorn, and a hugabub. Both were gifted to me. Bjorn from a friend, hugabub from my sister. I took one look at that hugabub, that loooong piece of stretchy material and thought, “ermmm no chance”!! So I picked up the Bjorn and gave it a go. Even with a small three month old, it hurt my shoulders so badly. I thought that must be part and parcel of babywearing -that if you’re to carry extra weight of any sort, it’ll be a bit sore. I picked up this Bjorn, and threw it so far into the back of my cupboard vowing to never again wear my baby.

As a single mama to a reflux baby, the need to have my hands free to tackle tasks was overwhelming. I looked at that stretchy wrap and thought, “we meet again, I will conquer you and I WILL WEAR YOU!” Well maybe not as dramatic but you get what I mean right? This is when one particular online mums group referred me to another online group specifically for babywearing in my region! Now that was exciting.

This online group was fantastic. Any question, advice I needed, I just put up a comment (or a picture of my less than ideal carry) and asked for help. One particular mama, who was also a babywearing consultant (I’m talking about YOU Chelsea) was amazing and helped me learn how to safely wear my son. When I couldn’t get to babywearing meetings, this mama took time out of her own busy life to meet me and offer some one on one help. It was incredible. It was truly invaluable.

Once I learned those basics, I was able to utilise YouTube videos from babywearers all over the world and teach myself new carries. I studied hard every night, watching carry after the carry, familiarising myself with each one. Then, I would practice and practice until I got it. There are so many resources out there.

You may not have a babywearing group near you (but check online, there’s a good chance there may be one around), or a friend, relative, experienced babywearer to assist you, but there are fantastic online resources that you can utilise at your convenience. YouTube obviously. Online babywearing groups on Facebook. Blogs and other various sites with tutorials, tips for choosing different wraps, tips for summer and winter wearing, tips for deciphering the various babywearing abbreviations (I couldn’t understand why everyone wanted to put their LOs in a dear husband (DH)…)

I’ve been wearing since my son was 3 months. That’s about a year. And I am still learning each and every day. That’s the beauty of babywearing.

There is always more to learn. More carries to conquer. More pretties to try.

Oh and of course, having your baby close… That too!


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