Oh the places you’ll go with Zestio

I first came across Zestio reusable food pouches while voting for a friend in the 2014 AusMumpreneur Awards.  The bright, fresh colours and the potential for ‘nutrition on the go’ piqued my curiosity.  I’m quite preoccupied with the food my children eat – I make the majority from scratch since investing in a Thermomix and I am careful to moderate sugar intake, preservatives and other numbered nasties.  For these reasons, commercially available squeezy pouches do not ever land in my trolley.  Ever.  I see this as victory, while the kids see it as punishment.

Enter Zestio.

Since trialling these little pouches I’ve notched up a few wins:

1.  My children, all 3 of them (ages 7, 4 and nearly 1) will squeeze soup happily for lunch.  This never happened before.  Not once.  Weird anti-soup children here :)

2.  The smallest of my smalls will eat pureed things from Zestio pouches.  We have taken a baby-led weaning approach with #2 and #3 which generally means finger foods and no puree.  It’s a brilliant approach to food, however, smallest absolutely refuses to be fed by anyone, which means we can’t get yoghurt, soups or anything requiring a spoon into him at all.  Generally this is fine, you know?  But variety and the spice of life and all that….well….surely a change would be nice.  Custard, potato and leek soup, home made veggie juices, you get my drift here.  The possibilities are endless and the pouch makes it so.

3.  Zestio pouches make food fun, and keep kids independent.  They can handle the pouches, they can regulate their food intake.  None of this spitting out because a grown up keeps shoveling it in.  They just stop.

4.  Making from scratch saves some dollars and gives you peace of mind.  You are in control of the quality of their food and snacks!

And perhaps most happily for me is this:

5.  Zestio pouches hold 150mls.  Which is the perfect volume of milk for a latte.  Yup.  If you are dairy free, you fill one of these little babies up with your precious almond/cashew/coconut/rice milk and go happily on your way to coffee with the girls.  It’s life changing.  I’ve broken glass jars in my handbag before….and that ain’t pretty.

Zestio pouches come with different attachments and you can purchase spare lids (I need lots because I lose things).  There’s a spoon attachment, a soft spout and a collapsible funnel to help you fill the pouches.  I’ve abused the pouches for the purpose of the review and they withstand being tossed in the freezer, microwaved and then pummeled in the dishwasher.  They are durable and BPA free.  What’s the point of cooking from scratch if your plastic container is leeching all manner of nasty into the food, anyway?

Mamasphere gives Zestio the thumbs up and we’d like you to be able to do the same.  We are thrilled to be able to give away one starter pack containing all the things you’ll need to squeeze happily ever after.

Zestio reusable food pouches are a cute little product offering a tidy solution for busy families.

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Author: Ainslie

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  1. Where wouldn’t/couldn’t I go with these handy Zestio pouches? It’s going to be so handy on any outing as it means the little one gets his food in a convenient pouch while mummy and daddy have one less thing to worry about!

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  2. Je participe!!! J’adore faire mes compotes et soupes maison mais pour les faire manger a mon fils de 15 mois c’est la galère!!!

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  3. These pouches would be perfect for our family as we travel in the car a lot to visit family, they would make it much easier to feed the kids healthy and nutritious food on the go :)

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  4. I would love to take my kids to the zoo as my 6 year old has been asking to go for a while now :)

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  5. Using pouch will my life easier while I am travelling

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  6. These would be perfect for snacks to take on our trip to Tuscany next year!

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  7. These pouches would be perfect for eating on the go especially while baby wearing at the zoo on a warm day.

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  8. To town, to the city, and to the country – everywhere!

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  9. Everywhere and anywhere, convenient beyond words :)

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  10. They will be great when we are at the beach

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  11. I would be able to take it on walks down the beach and traveling around.

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  12. My 2yo son would take these everywhere! Plus they would be great for long car trips.

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