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The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has taken one of the largest Supermarket chains in Australia to court over claims that it misled consumers about the freshness of it’s bread.

You see, Coles Supermarkets have been claiming that their bakery bread products were “baked today, sold today”, “freshly baked in-store”, “freshly baked”, and “baked fresh”. However, often, this bread was  partially baked and then frozen rapidly for storage.  Which really begs the question, what the heck are we actually eating?

Coles SC claims that the marketing campaign sought to distinguish ‘in-store’ bread from commercially available bread and that it was never the Supermarket’s intention to deceive customers with the labels.

Some of these loaves were shipped to Australia par baked in IRELAND.  Now, I could be wrong, but as far as I know we haven’t yet cracked time travel.  If customers choose bread that is ‘baked fresh’, it should BE BAKED FRESH.

Since adopting a largely unprocessed, mostly clean diet I’ve become hyper aware of these sorts of claims.  I want to know my food is fresh.  I want to know the apples are THIS SEASON’S CROP instead of sad, lonely apples that have languished in a freezer for upwards of a few weeks.  I want to know I’m fueling my body with….well quite simply with the best choices I can afford.  Sometimes that will mean going ‘without’ for the sake of seasonal availability.  We need to be ok with that.  It’s madness to assume we can source the entire range of fruit and veg all year round without compromising quality and freshness.  Let’s eat stone fruits when they’re at their juicy best and apples when they’re crisp, crunchy and a few DAYS off the tree, not months.

Give me the fresh bread.  Give me the new apples and cut the crap.  If it’s been in transit for a week, I’m not interested!!

This is yet another reason to support local farmers and suppliers where and when you can.  They deserve it, and so does your body.

Where do you source fresh produce, and what concerns you most about food quality?

Author: Ainslie

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