Run faster. MUCH faster.

I haven’t owned running sneakers in a while. I don’t like running. I walk places. And then I got my legs into a pair of runfaster capris (go bookmark NOW) and holy moly, I needed shoes that could keep up.


These leggings are like rainbow 4-way-stretch magic. You pull them on and THEY STAY PULLED UP.



The double waistband does this lovely supportive thing that makes me look like the babysitter instead of the mum.



The baby belly just zips back where it belongs and I am HELD IN. Magic. Life changing. Like I said, I HAD to go buy shoes to keep up with my pants. These are unicorn leggings that smooth out the wobbly bits and calm down the jiggly bits.



They know all the right ways to embrace and they come in all different lengths and a ton of prints. I’m planning my next three purchases and then I’ll feel like I have one element of this “capsule wardrobe” thing nailed firmly to my posterior. Oh look, my black beauties even do the splits…



Whether your thing is yoga, Pilates, sprints, sports or just looking sporty (‘fess up, we’ve all gone to the supermarket in “Active Wear!” like that makes it legitimate exercise), these will support you, love you, and have you loving yourself in no time. They wash beautifully, keep their shape perfectly, and keep on keeping on – even chasing kids!



You will actually want to run faster in these glorious pieces of stretchy heaven. If you don’t happen to win some (yes! Truly!), just buy some. We even have a discount code for you ;)



Actually, buy some now and consider your win a bonus pair. Come and thank us later ;)

Author: Chelsea

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