Stocking stuffers!

I know, it’s AUGUST… and only fifteen weeks till Christmas. Fortunately, you can buy some (a) cute (b) practical and (c) thrifty solutions: Here’s why I invest in snack bags.
I lose tupperware. Especially the lids. Then I waste time looking for the damn things, cleaning up the mess I made pulling my kitchen apart, and inducing fits of rage when i eventually stumble across them in such varied locations as husband’s laptop bag, the laundry basket, or in my shoebox storage under the bed. (I know. WHO DID THAT?!)
Also, tupperware just begs to be rattled and inevitably emptied over the sides of carseats. This is not okay. I’ve decided this is an expensive habit best reserved until all the smalls are grown and… well, then I probably won’t need it anyway.
Snaplock bags? Sure. Except those suckers are expensive single-use solutions and no, I draw the line at turning them inside out, washing, drying, turning back out and smoothing for reuse. I don’t have that kind of time, people. So that’s just more environmental degradation and crap piling up in my cupboards that I have to keep track of and buy more of and…UGH.
Let’s not even delve into the cost of bulk vs prepackaged snacks. Oh, ok then. Let’s. Its insanely cheap to make your child a pbj at home and stuff it in a bag. Not so cheap to grab a sandwich on the run. And rice cakes? Corn cakes? Popcorn? Trust me. Buy those suckers in one big bag and split it up yourself as you need it. Takes minutes, saves big bucks.
Therefore I’m a proud owner of mini wet bags and snack bags. Washable in the washing machine, easy to keep track of in bright prints and easy on the environmental conscience. And right now they’re the cheap solution if you get in on the My Chickadee preorder. Grab yourself a sneaky 20% off  all orders placed in the next 24 hours with the code presale20 and SCORE in time for Christmas!

Author: Chelsea

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