Teach me to do it myself

In retrospect it seems obvious. I love to teach. It may stem from a need to know lots about lots of things, but I think mostly it’s because I love to help people. When I’ve found something that makes my life easier, I’m going to corner you and talk your ear off until at the very least you agree to try. I like to help. A lot.

I’ve been carrying for a little while now and I’ve written before on how I started out with a Bjorn before spending the last few years delighting in the beauty and flexibility of woven wraps (P.S go enter today’s giveaway and check back all week!!) .  I was terrified of ALL THAT FABRIC to begin with, but I wanted so badly to make it work.  I have been so lucky to have a baby wearing consultant on standby.  You all know her as Keep Calm and Carry Them, but I know her as Chelsea and I have known her for longer than I haven’t. She is generous, very clever, meticulous and kind. Her knowledge of wrapping, fabric and carrying is vast and I benefit from this knowledge constantly.

Chelsea has made wrapping look like child’s play and when she stares me down and tells me I can do it…well I know its truth.  You need people like this in your life.  People who stand right in front of you and tell you that it’s possible.  That anything is possible.  That you are capable and clever and have the ability to succeed.  And I think this is fundamentally important for new mothers to hear.  You can do it.  You are going so well.  She is happy.  Oh wait, your arms are sore??  Let me help you with that.

I LOVE seeing new mums stare at me the same way when I’m wielding a ring sling. Breathe, mama. You’ve got this. You can do it. Tighten a little more, bring it right up to her neck. Strand by strand tighten – use the rainbow in the wrap because it will help you. See that seat?? You’ve done it. Rock solid. Chant me the Ticks guidelines….yesssss you can do this safely!

Visualise that warm toast you’ll be able to eat (be careful with hot drinks though, ok?!). Imagine how easy shopping will be now. Savour every last minute of holding a sleepy, warm, content baby close. Keep them safe, keep them close. Keep BOTH of you calm…..and carry on!

alex and ainz doing admin(Here I am writing with a very tiny Baby Alex)


Author: Ainslie

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