The best under-eye suitcase concealer EVER

I’ve been hanging out in a few makeup groups lately to get some Inspiration and OH the things I have learned. The trick I feel every PARENT needs is this:
Bright red lipstick is your friend.
Before you flip, I don’t mean for your mouth. That’s high-maintenance and can feel a bit OTT kicking around at home or doing school pickup.
Fess up, we ALL have that bright vixen red lurking somewhere in the makeup drawer – and if you don’t, go buy a cheapy. A light orange red is best for fair skin, a blue-based red better for olive tones. If I just started to speak a foreign language, go to a makeup counter and ask if you’re a blue red or an orange red. Then buy the cheap one. Ok. Back on track.
Using a brush if you’re picky or dabbing if you’re not, apply the red wherever you have dark spots.


For me, this is the infamous eye bags, and some acne scars. Spread and blend with brush.


After a minute, apply your foundation/BB/usual base as normal. I used a beauty blender and my Younique BB cream as normal.

After that, brows on, mascara on, and a sweep of blush. Doesn’t take more than an extra minute but OH my goodness what a difference. Extra bonus: it works like a primer to smooth and fill those tiny wrinkles, so the delicate skin around your eyes looks smoother and plumper :)






(null)So, dig out your too-bright and clownish corals, watermelons, and reds – and brighten up your whole FACE, not just your smile :)


Author: Chelsea

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