The moment when…

Something is so lovely that it brings you to tears.

This is a plea. If you have been inspired by someone, go and thank them. Right now. It can just be a text message or a quick pm. A simple “I just wanted you to know that you inspired me to [x] and because of that [y] and thank you so much, I hope that [z]!” will be more than adequate and will probably reduce the receiver to a small and dribbly puddle on the floor. When they regroup they’ll feel happy just to be alive and will probably go and do something else lovely for someone.

Know how I know? It JUST HAPPENED TO ME. I was idly scrolling through my fb feed when I saw a stunning photo a friend had commented on.
Taken by a local photographer, it’s two children standing, the baby wrapped to the older child. (Reposted here with permission.)


I messaged the photographer to ask if I could repost her picture on my babywearing advocacy page, Keep Calm and Carry Them and received the reply that had me sniffling.

Basically, baby is her third child and the first to be wrapped/worn; she’s a huge fan of the page and that’s what made her buy the wrap. She said she’d watched the video I made for Woogi woo about a hundred times and was so glad; baby (now five weeks old) is so happy there.

On the floor.
This is what keeps me motivated to keep reading and watching and doing and scheduling meetups with mamas who want to learn how to use a carrier. This is the fuel in my tank.

So yeah. Please take a minute to stop and pass back a thanks. I’m sure you’ll receive one too.

Author: Chelsea

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