The quick road to peace.

I get frustrated easily. Repeating myself, negotiating, cajoling… These are the things that jam my buttons and send me into FURY MOTHER ON RAMPAGE. Knowing this, I’ve been trying to avert it and clear the triggers.


Stuff stuffs me up. It steals time, patience, energy and joy from my day. So we cut down. I pared back the “stuff” on offer so Small isn’t overwhelmed by choice and I’m not overwhelmed by wading through crap that’s been chucked aside after five minutes. And then I realized that my wardrobe was the same disaster, just in a much smaller area. My makeup? Same godawful chaos, and every single day this costs me time I don’t have. Enter the life changing magic of tidying up. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but essentially the part that saved me was this: 

  • Pick the thing up.
  • Study it.
  • Does it spark joy? (Not a memory of joy, or a this might be useful in the future!, but actual YES! I LOVE THIS THING!)
  • If yes, make a home for it. 
  • If no, thank it and dispose of it. 

That’s the basic tenet. There is much more useful advice, especially to help you make order and sense of what you DO have or want to keep, but at its heart this helped me cut the crap. Recognize my attachments to “stuff” AND get to an existence that spends less time moving things I don’t particularly want, need or use from point A to B to C while placating my child with “I’ll just be a second!” and feeling guilty that I STILL haven’t knitted that blanket/altered that dress/sorted those toys. Suddenly, leaving the house is faster just because the things we NEED to facilitate that are all ordered, accessible and THERE, not hiding among three other pairs of small boots that don’t quite fit, or smushed between two sweaters I haven’t worn since uni.

I can just…

Let go. 

Now, if there’s a secret to mastering the million pieces of lego…

If you want to read the book, I highly recommend the kindle version; it’ll be one less piece of stuff to organise! 

Author: Chelsea

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