What’s a Capsule?

Many mornings I stare into my (stuffed) closet and inwardly moan: I have nothing to weaaaaaaaar. Then I grab my mom bf singlet, jeans, scrounge a top and … hey. Tahdaaaah… I look just like I did yesterday. Boring. I need a few pieces in DIFFERENT styles so I can actually look … you know. Different?

Enter the stylist’s secret: the magical capsule wardrobe. I think I used to do this pre-child. Each season, curate a few key pieces in trend colours or shapes that instantly updated my favourite staples; VOILA! Instant confidence. Ease. Less shuffling through rack of clothes and more actually wearing clothes that look good.

It works like this: buy  a couple basics. Good jeans, simple pants, a couple tops with necklines and silhouettes that suit you. The details? You can add a few gorgeous, fun and personality- filled statement pieces—scarves, handbags, fabulous shoes, prints and statement jewelry— that make your look your own.

All these pieces work together effortlessly, meaning you may have fewer items in your wardrobe (read: less crap to wade through), but more outfits at your fingertips.

It’s even more cost-effective: you don’t end up buying items that don’t work with any other pieces of your wardrobe (Hands up if you’ve eventually chucked something in a charity bag with the tags STILL ON). You simply buy a few statement pieces each season safe in the knowledge they will contribute to your key outfits.

Any woman with a sense of style and lots of time can curate their own capsule wardrobe, but add offspring, a partner, work, a household… who has the time and energy to fight their way through weekend shops?

Enter www.capsulecollection.com.au – the quick, simple ONLINE solution for busy women to feel stylish and comfortable. With all the classic pieces to select your own capsule wardrobe, plus weekly ‘stylists choice’ seasonal pieces, you can purchase at three in the morning if that’s your optimal shopping time…AND they deliver direct to your door. What could be easier?! If you think some of these could work for you, stay tuned, we have a SWEET freebie lined up!


Author: Chelsea

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  1. Hi, first of all thank you that I can participate in your daily journey through life as a mother babywearing my child, breastfeeding and feel feminine every day … Thank you for your smile and for the fact that you are for me … for others

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  2. My wardrobe favorites right now are simple dresses that cross in front, allowing me to nurse my little one. They can be worn alone or with leggings or jeans.

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