Will You Help?

The Age newspaper today reported a heartbreaking story of an Australian couple who abandoned their sick twin with their Thai surrogate.

They only took the healthy babe.

Heatbreaking doesn’t quite cut it, does it?

Their Thai surrogate mother is poor.  The Australian couple  still owe her money.

Tonight, new reports confirm that baby Gammy has been rushed to hospital with a lung infection.

Gammy, the six-month old baby with a congenital heart defect and Downs Syndrome may die without the heart surgery, and he is now in hospital, unwell. His sister may never know he exists.

When we posted the link to this story, the Mamasphere combusted.  We felt outrage, sadness, pity, disgust.  But we also shared the desire to help.

If you have a spare $5+ today, then click below and pledge.  Because there IS humanity in this world and Gammy, his 21 year old mother and her community deserve to feel it.

I’ve donated.  Will you?



Author: Ainslie

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